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I have been using Epic Skin Care for 6 years and it is a blessing. We've tried many other creams and ointments to no avail. Since starting with ESC I have eliminated my pressure sores completely except for an occasional small break in my skin which is quickly healed by ESC. My husband applies it three times a day, which we believe plays a big part in keeping everything healed. Don't know what we would do without it. Jim is great in keeping us supplied so we never run out. Thank you, Jim for being so good to us.

Dave & Norma Bowe

The cover are great, the neighbors have complimented them also.

Mike Gragert Warren, MN

I had tried anything and everything to try to get rid of the itching and nose irritation from bi pap machine. I was getting a little over 4hrs of interrupted sleep a night. The first night of your product I got 6 hrs uninterrupted sleep and have now moved up to 7+ hrs a night. My nose is feeling much better. I am glad I told the nurse about my problem because she said try this free sample.

Richard Sears

I had rough, itchy red patches on my scalp. On a whim I rubbed a few drops of ESC into each spot. Wow! What a relief. It wasn’t greasy, didn’t even mess up my hair. Wow! After three days, the stubborn patches are nearly gone.

Sharon Lovik

We got ESC because my husband’s nose gets dried out from his CPAP, but I found it works on a hundred other things – rashes, cuts, burns, bites. I am totally impressed. It’s almost like a general First Aid. Thanks for a wonderfully versatile product. With a packet of ESC in my purse I feel prepared for most any minor emergency!

Jean Osborn

My nose gets open sores deep inside from constant blowing during allergy season. Well I heard about your Epic Skin Care Product for CPAP patients and tried it. I had tried other moisturizers for CPAP and oxygen patients and nothing worked. Within 3 days the sores have all headed up, and the irritation and itch have gone away.

James Edward

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